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Garlic Prawns in rich tomato sauce – less than 300 calories per serve

Garlic Prawns in rich tomato sauce – at around 300 calories this dish fits right in with my 5:2 low calorie day. The fresh chili adds gentle background heat, and at over 400 grams per serving, this dish is filling too.   There are plenty of... Read More | Share it now!

Lemon Pepper Prawns stir fry – a great low calorie dish

Prawns were a rare treat in this household until we started on the 5:2 diet, they are so low in calories that I now regularly indulge in these tasty shrimps. These Lemon pepper prawns are another great way to eat healthy flavorful food... Read More | Share it now!

Low calorie Singapore Noodles

  Singapore noodles are a favorite of mine at any time, and to be able to eat these on a low-calorie day is fantastic. A little research shows that this dish doesn’t really originate in Singapore, but is Cantonese in origin. There is a... Read More | Share it now!