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Blackened Cajun Fish Tacos with red onion and mango salsa

  Cajun blackened fish, Mexican red onion and mango salsa, served in a warm corn tortilla makes a delicious taco. Emerils seasoning helps “kick it up a notch”, and a huge bonus is this recipe is also low-calorie, about 250 per... Read More | Share it now!

Kale wrapped chicken bites

Kale wrapped chicken bites – a quick, delicious, and healthy 5 ingredient snack. Great for parties, easy to make finger food with a truly unique taste….. I had some really great kale chips at a restaurant some time ago, and I have made... Read More | Share it now!

Roast Vegetable terrine

Roast Vegetable Terrine – a great way to use up those left over veggies. Impressive looking (sometimes), packed with flavor, healthy, and these ones use no oil to remain low in calories. Cook it tonight for tomorrow’s lunch or simply have... Read More | Share it now!