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Garlic Prawns in rich tomato sauce – less than 300 calories per serve

Garlic Prawns in rich tomato sauce – at around 300 calories this dish fits right in with my 5:2 low calorie day. The fresh chili adds gentle background heat, and at over 400 grams per serving, this dish is filling too.   There are plenty of... Read More | Share it now!

Cauliflower Rice – Nasi Goreng style – Mega low calorie

CAULIFLOWER RICE – NASI GORENG STYLE I’m back to Cauliflower in my never ending search for low calorie ingredients that are filling and have the potential to be delicious. This time I’m going to find out if the much read about... Read More | Share it now!

Low calorie chicken rolls – 150 calories each? I’ll have two please

Two Bread rolls with chicken, lettuce and Mayo at under 300 calories?  How is this possible? the bread Rolls on their own are 170 calories.  Read on. It’s not really that hard, just cut down on the amount of chicken in each roll. You could... Read More | Share it now!

Monk Fish with Bok Choy – a tasty low calorie dish

This Monk fish recipe will satisfy anyone looking to have a tasty filling meal on a low calorie diet. Includes info about Monk Fish you probably didn’t know. While doing a bit of research into Monk fish, I found out that what we call Monk Fish... Read More | Share it now!