Chicken Laksa

Spicy low calorie Chicken Laksa

Chicken Laksa
Chicken Laksa

This Chicken Laksa is a spicy low calorie bowl of goodness. Add fresh ingredients to a store bought Laksa paste for an authentic taste without the fuss.

I’ve made Laksa’s before, and this dish is very similar to the Seafood Laksa I made back in September 2013, but with Chicken instead of Seafood. I’m making this on a weeknight, and don’t have the time or inclination to make the Laksa Paste. The store bought paste combined with fresh herbs make this a delicious but quick midweek meal.   As a bonus, my calculator tells me this recipe is around 400 calories per serving , the little recipe app down the bottom of this post suggest 515 calories – so it’s somewhere in between there, closer to 400 I suggest.

The flavour balance is pretty good here, I’d personally like to add twice as much coconut milk, but that isn’t gong to work unless you ditch the chicken. This is certainly an option as the chicken contributes about 300 calories, and 100ml of low fat coconut milk is only 85 calories,  double or triple the Bok Choi, and you would still in calorie credit.

Potentially you could cook the whole meal in one pot, but I’m baking the Chicken in the oven until cooked and falling off the bone. I’ll add it to the Laksa just at the end to warm through so it doesn’t become tough. 

Chicken Laksa
Chicken Laksa – NOTE:- not all of this chicken went into the Laksa


40gm Laksa Spice Paste
150 gms Lean Chicken cooked, cut into chunks
1 cup  mung beans sprouts
1/4 Tin (100 mls) low fat coconut milk
1 nest fantastic 99% fat free noodles
1 cups Chicken stock
1 cup Water
1 red chilli sliced into rounds
1/4 cup fresh corriander leaves chopped
1 med spring onion chopped
100 gms baby Bok Choi, washed
1 red shallot sliced (optional)

Chicken Laksa
Chicken Laksa


1.  Prepare the noodles as per packet directions
2. Fry the Laksa Paste and Shallots in a medium pan over medium heat for 3 to 4 minutes
3. Add the coconut mil, water and chicken stock, reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes.
4. Place the noodles in a serving bowl, add the chicken, spring onion, chilli, and bean sprouts, spoon over the soup, and top with chopped corriander

Chicken Laksa
Chicken Laksa


Chicken Laksa
Chicken Laksa


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