Roast Beef & Yorkshire pudding

Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pud

I never cook roast beef. I think it’s because there is some inherent fear that it can only turn out two ways –  over or under cooked. Today however I’m cooking it mostly because I need meat, red meat. I’m on week 4 of the 5:2 diet, and I’ve decided I will not eat chicken on a non “2” day (unless it’s deep fried and comes in a bucket). All of the “5” days will be dedicated to other meats. Also, I’ll probably eat lots of bread on the “5” days, but that’s another post.

Today I’m braving the “Roast” which I’ve cleverly adapted (ie. made no changes at all) from the best of the best. The Beef from here  and Yorkshire Puddings from here .

I’m not sure if my photos do these recipes justice, but this was the best Roast Beef I’ve ever cooked, and the Yorkshire puddings were faultless (thanks angels). I urge anyone who is a little apprehensive about taking on a full size roast to give this a try, the recipe is simple to follow and almost foolproof. Same goes for the Yorkshire Puddings, the last time I tried to make Yorkies, the were terrible, inedible. These ones were the hero’s on the plate. Don’t miss out.


The air in these Yorkshire puddings  came from the lungs of angels (probably)


Thanks to these the recipes roast beef will be on the menu from now on.

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