Seafood Laksa

Seafood Laksa – A delicious low calorie meal

Prep'd and ready to go!
Prep’d and ready to go!

I was introduced to Laksa 15 years ago by a work colleague. Once a week three or four of us would walk from Town Hall to Martin Place (about a 15 minute walk) to a very special noodle bar. It wasn’t fancy, simple 4 seater Plastic tables, plastic chairs, plastic chopsticks, plastic bowels. Just a simple food hall type place, that was on it’s own in a little arcade. It was always busy, which was not surprising as the Laksa was incredible, nothing else in Sydney compared to it.  It had the right amount of chili oil, floating in blobs on top of the coconut slurry soup, deep fried tofu, poached chicken strips, and an extra hit of chili that would put my father in law into a coma. I’ve had Laksa at many other places including Chinatown  which was much closer to work, and none came close. 

Unfortunately I don’t have the recipe from the Laksa place in Sydney, nor do I have a recipe which has been rated highly by a discerning bunch of  foodies on the web. What I have here is a Low Calorie Laksa, using Low Fat coconut milk, and barely enough fish to feed a cat. Sorry, but It will  hopefully  also be one of my low calorie meal highlights this week. I’ll makes this again one day in all its high fat glory, for now, I’ll enjoy this in it low calorie incarnation.


Seafood Laksa – serves 4  (Approx 300 calories per serve)

60gm Laksa Spice Paste
300 grams Monk Fish fillets, cut into bite size pieces
200 grams raw peeled prawn
2 nests fantastic 99% fat free noodles
1.5 cups (330 ml) low fat coconut milk
1 cup water
400 grams Bok Choy cut into 5cm pieces, roots and leaves separated
1 red chilli chopped into rounds on the diagonal for garnish (leave in the seeds please)
1 cup beans shoots
1/4 cup coriander leaves
1 med spring onion chopped


1. Fry Paste with fish and prawns in a non-stick pan over medium heat for 5 minutes
2. Add water and coconut milk, and Bok Choy roots, reduce heat to low, and simmer uncovered for 15 minutes
3. Steam the Bok Choy roots for 5 minutes, and add the leaves for a futher 2 minutes until wilted.
4. Cook noodles as per packet directions and divide in 4 bowls, add steamed Bok Choy
5. Spoon over Laksa, and garnish with Chili Coriander, and spring onion

Laksa and Bok Choy
Bok Choy steaming which the other ingredients fry away
Seafood Laksa
Ready to eat!
All gone
The verdict? – I’m not kidding, this was excellent.

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