Lemon pepper prawns

Lemon Pepper Prawns stir fry – a great low calorie dish

Lemon pepper prawns
Lemon pepper prawns

Prawns were a rare treat in this household until we started on the 5:2 diet, they are so low in calories that I now regularly indulge in these tasty shrimps. These Lemon pepper prawns are another great way to eat healthy flavorful food . Pepper and Lemon are a great combination of flavours and go great with these stir fried  prawns

This recipe was supposed to be Honey lemon pepper prawn stir fry adapted from here http://allrecipes.com.au/recipe/1677/ginger-and-honey-prawns.aspx  and I did put the recommended 1 teaspoon of honey in it, but couldn’t taste it. I’d leave it out altogether next time to save a few calories, or tripple the quantity of honey for the real honey experience if you aren’t watching your calories. All in all this was a pretty good meal. The cooked weight was 260 grams, which is OK, and this included noodles, which I love to try and squeeze into one low cal meal a week. They are a real treat.

The calories per serving is about 250. If you’re just looking to watch your intake, a double helping would equate to about a third of the recommended daily calorie intake for a woman, and a quarter for a man.

Lemon pepper prawns


50 grams Dried Thin Noodles 99% Fat Free
350gms Raw Prawns/Shrimp – peeled
1 x garlic cloves – crushed
1 small onion chopped into wedges
Chilli flakes
1/2 tablespoon olive oil
1 x Spring Onion/Scallion large
Freshly ground black pepper
1/2 cup chicken stock
Lemon or soy sauce to serve

Lemon pepper prawns
Lemon pepper prawns


Prepare noodles as per instructions (steep in boiling water for 5 minutes, drain and rinse in cold water – leave to drain)

Preheat Wok or frying pan – add 1 tsp of olive oil, garlic, and onion – fry for 30 seconds

Add prawns, chicken stock and boil until prawns are pink (add 3 teaspoons of Honey at this stage if using)

Add Noodles, cook until heated through and sauce thickens slightly, grind in fresh black pepper, add spring onion, stir and serve immediately.

NOTE: You will see from the pictures, that I also made a quick 1 egg omelette in the wok, and added it to the finished product. I don’t think it enhanced the dish in any way, so have left it out of this recipe.

Lemon pepper prawns
Lemon pepper prawns
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