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Low calorie chicken rolls – 150 calories each? I’ll have two please

Two Bread rolls with chicken, lettuce and Mayo at under 300 calories?  How is this possible? the bread Rolls on their own are 170 calories.  Read on. It’s not really that hard, just cut down on the amount of chicken in each roll. You could... Read More | Share it now!

Tom Yum Soup – Yum (Yes I said Yum – Sue me)

Tom Yum Soup   Tom Yum Soup is a fragrant, spicy, salty sour soup from Thailand, and if you’ve read any of my earlier posts, you will see some Thai influences in the recipes. Also, at the time of writing I’m on an on the “fast... Read More | Share it now!

Chicken Lettuce wraps – less than 200 calories per serve

If you are looking for low calorie 5 2 recipes,or are simply watching your weight, Chicken is probably on the menu. Skinless chicken breast is quite low in calories, about 113 calories per 100 grams and as such is a frequent ingredient in our kitchen... Read More | Share it now!